Final project with Justine A. Chambers

For the last month of the school year, Ms. Persoon’s grade 6/7 class is working with Justine A. Chambers, the final artist to participate in A New Path to the Waterfall. With a practice founded upon movement, everyday choreographies and collaborative creation, Justine’s project with the class will get everyone up and moving!

For her first session with the class, Justine introduced herself, her work and her ideas for the project. During her introductions, she also introduced two very special guests; her friend and collaborator, Alanna, and her son, Atticus. She discussed the role of choreography in our lives – how we move, how we walk, how we eat. Specifically, she asked everyone how architecture in private and public space influences how we move: are there ways that we move in these types of spaces that have been normalized? Why do we follow them?

Taking these thoughts outside, the class walked backwards, matched each other’s pace, stopped and pointed. They asked, what relationships can we make with the public?

Looking forward to more explorations of choreography and movement to come!

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