Mixing it up!

Arriving shortly after lunch this week at Strathcona, the class was eager to start their taste tests!

The focus of today’s taste inquiries revolved around sweeteners and flavours. To kick it off, Helen and Hannah facilitated a discussion around sugar. What did the class already know about the kinds of sugar they might consume on a day to day basis? Did they know how much sugar was in Coca Cola? What other ingredients are in Coca Cola, and why is the public not allowed to know? Why is the recipe for Coca Cola a secret? Together everyone discussed what they think might be in the ubiquitous drink.

This warmed the class up to their soda mixing brainstorm. Divided up into groups of 6, they made measuring tools and were given 3 extracts per group. They mixed extracts together in varying degrees of quantity (more popcorn flavour, less mint etc.) and then combined the extracts with their sweeteners (various types of sugars made into simple syrups).

Taking meticulous notes, each group finally whittled down their mixing experiments to one recipe that they would take to their final session of soda production!


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