Jelly Bean Test

Reviewing what they had learned in the past few weeks, artists Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling brought in Choward’s Scented Gum and Soylent meal replacement for Ms Persoon’s grade 6/7 class to sample for this week’s session.

Hannah described tasting the Choward’s Scented gum as a ‘Jelly Bean Test’. Following similar strategies in their past sessions, the class tasted the gum first with their noses pinched, then ‘un-pinched’ to reveal the nuances of the novel confectionery. The Scented Gum was a product created by Charles Howard in New York in the 30’s, following the signature colour of ‘Chowards Violet’ mint. The gum was unlike any gum the class had ever tasted! Definitely not your usual Hubba Bubba or spearmint! Most of the class said they tasted cinnamon, perfume, then dish soap throughout their chewing experience.

Soylent samples

Soylent samples

The class also learnt that Soylent’s flavour was designed by an artist named Sean Raspet. He wanted to create a flavour unlike any other. Apparently, this future food contains 20% of one’s daily nutrients per bottle! Most of the class felt like the thick liquid tasted like dairy or pancake mix – kind of bland, but one student, Arius particularly loved the taste!

After these taste-making warm ups, Helen and Hannah categorized the scents from the class’ smell walk last week, printed them on slips of paper and got the class to draw two scent categories from a hat. The class then made line drawings based on the two categories, made into stickers to go on their future cans of soda!

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