First session with Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling!

Last week Ms. Persoon’s grade 6/7 class had their first session with artists Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling!

Long time collaborators, the duo spearhead the public art project/ flavour incubator/ taste-making think-tank Big Rock Candy Mountain. Through Big Rock Candy Mountain, they have worked with Queen Alexandra Elementary’s grade 3/4 to develop the Sour Vs. Sour Chocolate Bar.

The duo will carry on with their taste-making brainstorms with Ms. Persoon’s class at Strathcona, this time to develop their dream soda.

To kick off the day, the class discussed some of their thoughts around kid-centric candy advertising, later using these thoughts to analyze a few bars of Hannah and Helen’s Sour Vs. Sour chocolate! Hands on taste tests were fully engaged of course.

After a few samples of the bar, the class later went on to engage in some liquid flavours crafted by Hannah and Helen. With eyes closed and noses plugged, partners in the class each took turns recording their flavour findings.

Soda collage!

Soda collage!

Looking forward to next week’s taste tests!

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