Weaving Workshop with Guest Artist Travis Meinolf

In addition to their weekly session with artist Carmen Papalia, Ms Persoon’s grade 6/7 class was visited by guest artist Travis Meinolf, an internationally renowned and self-described ‘action weaver’ based in California. Travis presented a weaving workshop to the class coinciding with the current Brent Wadden exhibition at CAG: Two Scores.

During his introduction to the class, Travis told everyone that the social aspect of weaving is what is really important to him. Travis showed the class some tips and tricks on how to warp their chipboard looms and how to make ‘improvised’ weavings with the materials at hand.

Travis discusses weaving

Travis discusses weaving

Together, the class and the adults picked up on weaving skills that they had learned last year and learned new terms like shuttle (a sort of needle that you can spool your weft thread around) and shed (a material used to prop up the warp threads which makes it easier to weave (the class used their rulers)).

Weaving with sheds, needles and shuttles


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