Interview with Arius about ‘the sound of a cactus being touched by a raindrop’


Sound Map by Elijah Odegard

CAG Learning and Public Programs Assistant Michelle Martin sat down with grade 6/7 student Arius before the public presentation of the sound of a cactus being touched by a raindropa collaboration between artist Elisa Ferrari and MaryAnn Persoon’s 6/7 class.

Michelle: So first I wanted to ask you about the experience of doing a soundwalk. What was it like the first time you did a soundwalk?

Arius: It was kinda cool and it was really awkward because it was so quiet cause this class isn’t usually this quiet.

Michelle: Did you find it was difficult?

Arius: A little bit the first time.

Michelle: What about the next time?

Arius: It got easier.

Michelle: Did you have the chance to lead your own soundwalk?

Arius: I think so, yeah.

Michelle: What were you thinking about when you were leading the soundwalk?

Arius: To try to find different sounds.

Michelle: What about the experience of doing the sound collage?

Arius: That was really fun.

Michelle: What were the sounds that you found the most intriguing?

Arius: “I’m going to try to be quiet now.” That one by Joseph. It was really funny.  And the water bottle crunching.

Michelle: What about the graphic score experience?

Arius: It was fun. I like making all sorts of random lines and shapes.

Michelle: Do you think the way you think about sound has changed at all?

Arius: Yeah a lot.

Michelle: In which ways?

Arius: Like how it reflects, and then it produces the sound.

Michelle: What about going into the anechoic chamber?

Arius: Oh, that was cool.

Michelle: Was it what you were expecting?

Arius: Um,  I was expecting it but when they first told me we were going, I thought it was like you couldn’t speak, so I was like “Uh oh”.

Michelle: Yeah I was pretty scared too. I thought I was going to be able to hear the blood going through my body and that freaked me out a little bit. Were you freaked out at all when you were inside?

Arius: No.

Michelle: What’s been your favourite part of this whole project?

Arius: I think the graphic scores and sound collages.

Michelle: Are you excited to present them tonight?

Arius: Yeah, that’s if I come.

Thanks Arius!

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