An imaginary sound poem

the sound of a cactus being touched by a raindrop

A dark monster’s voice

A racoon speaking voice saying “don’t open the door!”

A cloud crashing into an airplane

A spider wearing heels

A tap dancing spider

A flower sprouting

A basketball hitting the ground

A cow dying from laughter while continuously meowing like a cat

An eyelash drifting down the floor

A flake of dandruff blown by the wind

A beautiful sound of a rainbow with a unicorn and me riding on it that leads me to a pot of gold and money to share with my family


Breaking a window with a sobbing sponge

Bop bop bop bop


Crunching wet leaves

Can a bird have a thousand raindrops hit its beak and make a sound on a puddle that is on a chair?


I can hear the wind, a song, a whistle, elephants, cougars. A tree.

I can hear a donkey yelling


Plop Plooped


Water pouring down, only in the sky

Water on fire

Whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop


Your eyes blinkin’


Zzz hhh zzzhhh



Collaborative poem by MaryAnn Persoon’s 6/7 class with Elisa Ferrari and Stacey Ho

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