Sonic Meditations and Graphic Scores with Stacey Ho

Artist Stacey Ho joined the grade 6/7 class alongside Elisa Ferrari to explore sonic meditations and graphic scores.

A graphic score or graphic notation expands the way in which sound is represented through visual means. Not bound by the conventions of Western musical notation, these scores use various visual symbols to signal different sounds.


Ferrari and Ho show the students some examples of  graphic scoring including Norman McLaren’s Dots and their own notations made during long bus rides. Students are then invited to create a large scale collective graphic score while listening back to field recordings they made during a trip to Maplewood Flats.

Students also get to the chance to do a sonic meditation designed by Elisa and Stacey that uses Pop Rocks to explore the external and internal sound environment that the popping candy creates.

A big thank you to Stacey Ho for sharing her practice and her time with us!

For more information on Stacey’s work, please visit her website.


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