Sneak Peek! – The Herbarium Project Publication

To mark the culmination of Cease Wyss’ project we’re excited to announce The Herbarium Project, a new publication featuring pages from the students’ own herbarium books.

We’ll be launching the publication on December 14th at the public presentation of the sound of a cactus being touched by a raindrop. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the plants that will be featuring in The Herbarium Project.

Canadian Goldenrod | Solidago canadensis 

The Canadian Goldenrod is a favourite of pollinators and insects like bees, butterflies, flies and wasps. It has been used to treat sore throats, to improve digestion and to alleviate cold and flu symptoms.

Yarrow | Achillea millefolium 

Yarrow has been used to treat wounds, common colds, hay fever, toothaches and upset stomachs amongst its many other uses. Its Latin name, “Achillea” refers to the Greek hero Achilles who was given yarrow by the centaur Chiron to use on the battlefield. “Millefolium” means “coming of a thousand leaves” which nicely describes the plant’s many small, wispy leaves.

Blazing Star | Liatris spicata  

The Blazing Star grows flower spikes filled with blue-purple florets that are known to attract wildlife. Its leaves and roots are used as a medicine and are also added to potpourri and herbal insect repellents.




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