Trips to Capilano River Hatchery and Harmony Garden


For their first plant collection adventure, MaryAnn Persoon’s grade 6/7 class travel to Capilano River Hatchery to explore the hatchery and its larger ecosystem. The class meets up with artist Cease Wyss who will be guiding the students through the hatchery and its surrounding trails.

Be like the salmon! Cease guides Lord Strathcona Elementary students through the Capilano River Hatchery and nearby trails to learn about the connections among the river, salmon and plants.


Cease spots a Licorice Fern and stops to explain to the students how it grows in a symbiotic relationship with the moss and is used as a Squamish medicine.


At Harmony Garden, Cease welcomes us with a song before students get a chance to explore. Cease tells us about the newly planted pollinator garden and students are carefully introduced to the beehives that house the busy pollinators.

In a feature pond in one corner of the garden, Cease and her collaborators have planted Wapato or Sagittaria Latifolia, a species of indigenous wild potato. This plant is one of many indigenous plants being cultivated in Harmony Garden located in the Squamish First Nation Community of Humul chs’n on the former river bed of the Capilano River.


With their first samples collected, Ms Persoon’s class thanks Cease before heading back to school to begin the pressing process!

For more information about Harmony Garden, please visit their Facebook page.

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