Interview with Chloe about her Herbarium Book

CAG Learning & Public Programs Assistant Michelle Martin sat down with Chloe, one of Ms. Persoon’s students to chat about her herbarium book.


Michelle: Tell me a bit about the experience of making a herbarium.

Chloe: It was very fun! Because we were doing the herbariums it meant we got to go to many different places. Sewing was very fun and relaxing. The problem is that leaves kept falling off [while sewing].


Michelle: What did you do when the leaves fell off?

Chloe: Some I sewed back on but some got lost.


Michelle: How did you feel about losing the leaves?

Chloe: I was a bit sad but not that sad because its nature so I didn’t really care that much.


Michelle: Tell me about one of your samples.

Chloe: One is Spring Bank Clover. It’s one of my favourites. I just feel that the page is really neat and the coordination of the page, I really like it.


Michelle: Do you think you’d make another herbarium?

Chloe: Yeah, but not as long.


Thanks Chloe!


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